About Bopsicle Design.

Bopsicle Design is a one person design studio founded by Bill Guthrie, located in Portland, Oregon. Bill has spent more than a decade in the world of corporate marketing communications. He brings his unique design vision and his understanding of the importance of branding to you via Bopsicle Design.

They say that you should do what you love in life. I love the challenge presented by the need to communicate the personality of a company through clean, articulate and distinctive design. The focus here is on Identity Design. You won't find a blog with my assorted ramblings on this site (at least for now), but rather a few representations of my work and my contact information. The work should speak for itself and give you an idea of what my design style looks like.

I have seen firsthand the benefits of having a good corporate identity. I've also seen numerous examples of how easy it is to weaken established branding efforts and have learned from those examples as well. Take a look at my Services page to get a better idea of how I might be able to help you. Please get in touch with me and we'll figure out how to set your company or event apart from the others who are competing for your core audience.

All the best,